Avoiding Dry Skin in the Winter

Have you ever had skin so dry it hurts? Dry skin is a perennial pain, but luckily combating the dryness is as simple as developing a healthy hydration routine.

Painful dry skin is most common in winter, which means now is a perfect time to fine tune your hydration routine. With winter on its way, the air’s humidity level drops and everything gets a little drier--including your skin. With lower humidity, water evaporates more quickly.

Hydrate Your Skin

If you want to avoid dry skin, one of the simplest methods is to hydrate your skin externally. This is obvious, but for whatever reason a lot of people just suffer through dry skin.

A number of products can keep your skin supple as the air gets drier. Our favorite hydration method: salves. They hydrate longer than lotion, and they allow for herbal infusions that offer medicinal relief in addition to the hydrating relief.

Before we get into specific products, it’s worth repeating: your skin is an organ. Just like your heart or your brain, it is a complex part of your bodily system. Except unlike your brand and heart, it’s exposed to the outside world, and it often absorbs that which it comes into contact with. So, when you seek to keep this beautiful organ healthy, reach for natural and organic as much as possible.

Without further ado, check out these three options we’ve engineered to provide lasting relief--one for your hands, one for your feet, and one for your whole body.

Hand Goo


Hand Goo is a go-to solution for people who struggle with dry hands. Our proprietary blend is the first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, minor burns, calluses, dry cracked hands and fingertips.

One of the key reasons people choose Green Goo over other alternatives is our ingredient lists. We make our own blends of organic and naturally infused products with ingredients we’re proud of:

*Olive Oil,  *Plantain,  *Chickweed,  *Yarrow,  *Sage,  *Calendula,  *Chaparral,  *St. John's Wort,  *Comfrey Leaf,  Gum Benzoin, Myrrh,  and  *Beeswax. Essential Oils of  Lavender and Rosemary.


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Foot Goo

Our proprietary blend:Foot Care is an herbal power packed formula that helps to relieve cracked heels, blisters, athlete’s foot, fungus, dry feet, ingrown toenails, rashes, and cuts.

*Olive Oil,  *Sunflower Oil, *Plantain,  *Chickweed,  *Yarrow,  *Sage,  *Calendula,  *Chaparral,  *St. John's Wort,  *Comfrey Leaf,  Gum Benzoin, Myrrh,  and  *Beeswax. Essential Oils of  Lavender and Rosemary.


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Dry Skin Jar


Dry Skin Care is a whole body daily moisturizer. A high concentration of Calendula flowers plus five other actively healing herbs provide natural head-to-toe relief.

This herbal infusion helps to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as dry red bumps, cracked hands & feet and windburn.

*Olive Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Calendula Flowers, *Chamomile Flowers, *Red Clover Flowers, *Elder Flowers,  *Yarrow flowers, *Violet flowers, *Beeswax,  Vitamin E Oil and Essential Oil of Lavender.


"Just one application of Dry Skin and I was sold. I do have a touch of psoriasis and cracked skin on my feet due to RA. Of all the products I've ever used, this one is the one that works. Thank you!” (Ginny https://greengoohelps.com/collections/skin-care/products/dry-skin-care-4oz-jar)

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Whichever product you go with, it’s the habit of using it that will keep your skin healthy. This habit, your hydration routine, is probably easiest to add into your morning or nighttime routine. If you shower in the morning, hydrate right afterwards. It adds 20 seconds to your pre-day ritual, and it means having healthy skin.

Other tips to keep dry skin at bay:

Turn down your shower temp, or shower shorter. Hot water dries out skin just like dry air does. This means you could be in for a double whammy come wintertime.

As temps drop it’s tempting to want to take a hot shower and just sit there. It feels too good! But it is also drying you out, just as the air outside will dry you out.

Shower shorter or turn down the temp. Your skin will thank you.

Drink more water. You hear this all the time, so it’s probably not going to inspire a complete change in your habits to read this at the bottom of a skincare article.

But hydration is all about water, and if you can increase the amount of water you drink, you should try it. One of the hurdles people hit when it comes to water is being consistent. It’s easy to drink one cup, but it’s the habit that’s hard.

Make the habit stick by setting a reminder on your phone, by adding water breaks to your calendar, or by carrying a reusable bottle that sits next to you all day long.