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What is a salve?
 A salve is a medicinal healing moisturizer with botanical properties. Our salve is a blend of organic oils that have been infused with a proprietary blend of medical herbs to create a healing product. Salves are both moisturizing and healing.

How is it different from a lotion? 

 Salves are distinctly different from a lotion. Lotions tend to be based in either alcohol or water, which are both very drying when used topically. Due to this base (alcohol or water), lotions feel good at first but then continue to dry your skin over time.

Now, you may be saying to yourself “Hey, I know alcohol is drying, but water?! People are made of water!” 

And you are absolutely right. People are made of water. But while water may be good for us internally, it’s not necessarily what our skin craves.  You may see water as the first ingredient in some skincare products you own. Water dilutes the active ingredients. When you apply water based skin products, the water evaporates and takes many of your skin’s natural oils with it. This contributes to dryness and moisture loss!

Salves however, are simple yet effective. Our salves are based in organic oils, herbs, beeswax, and essential oils. This oil base absorbs into your skin nicely, helping the medicinal and moisturizing qualities of the salve penetrate and stay in your skin.


How do I use a salve? 

Salves are very concentrated. A small amount goes along way. Use a pea size amount for an area and it will absorb nicely with no oily residue.  


Do your salves have medicinal properties or are they just different types of moisturizers?

Yes they do! All of our salves contain a special blend of herbs that are formulated for that specific salve and uses. For example, the Dry Skin Care salve is a blend of herbs that help to combat dry, flaky, irritated skin. It helps to soothe and moisturize Dry Skin. The First Aid Salve has a blend of herbs that help to repair wounds, cuts, scrapes, sunburns, etc...


What is the shelf life of your products?

 Our products have a shelf life of three years. When you see a date on our products, know you have 3 years from that date for a fresh effective product.  Of course, most of our customers use up our products way before 3 years!


Why does my Bugs Be Gone look weird (i.e. it seems to be darker on the top)?

Shake it! Seriously. Our Bugs Be Gone has natural properties of yarrow and sage which are infused into witch hazel and then combined with a potent blend essential oils. Natural settling may occur, but is totally normal. Give it a good shake before applying for optimum results!


 How should I apply my natural deodorant?

After removing the cap, only twist the deodorant up a small amount, then place in your armpit for a moment so that it may soften from your natural body heat, then apply 1-2 swipes to your underarms.


 Why is my deodorant crumbly?

Our deodorant contains all natural organic ingredients WITHOUT any form of texture additive. Prior to applying, only twist the stick up a little bit, otherwise you may experience some crumble. If you’ve accidentally twisted the deodorant stick up too high, place your finger on the product and twist the bottom in the opposite direction while applying a small amount of pressure; this will bring the product down in the tube.


 My deodorant is melting!

One of the base ingredients is organic coconut oil, which is temperature sensitive. Coconut oil’s melting point is 76 degrees, so you are more likely to experience this with warmer weather or if it is placed in a hot area. Our deodorant is still effective in its softened state, However, if you are trying to stop it from melting, this is easily remedied by placing it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. We chose to keep Coconut Oil in our formula because of its beneficial proprieties; it is antibacterial, anti-yeast, anti-fungal, and most importantly all natural!


 I am reacting to the deodorant and now have a red rash in my under arms. Help! What should I do?

 Ah! We are sorry to hear you are experiencing this! About 5% of the population have a reaction to baking soda due to its Ph Levels. Please discontinue and try our Baking Soda Free Sensitive Skin Deodorant (coming soon!). To help heal the rash quickly you can apply the First Aid Salve or Dry Skin Care Salve to your under arms at night.