Become a Giving GooRu!

Giving GooRu

New and Exciting News!

Here at Green Goo, we have launched a new initiative. Together, we can  give and receive, be informed and change the world one tin at a time. 

It's Simple: Join, Subscribe, Give and Receive

  • Acquire $100 worth of products for $29.97 for joining
  • Pledge $14.77 monthly to send Green Goo around the world.
  • Track your donation progress from your pledge through the Global Giving channel to see the impact you are making on the world (sign up to engage).
  • Receive exclusive rewards. Special Discounts and even an occasional Green Goo surprise in your mailbox!
  • Experience warm and fuzzy feelings from all the good you are doing!

Giving GooRu

Text 'GOO' to 28748 to discover the Giving Goo Experience. Or go straight there on your computer at Giving GooRu mobile app.

Contribute content to be shared through the Giving GooRu mobile app experience. Encourage and inspire others or submit your own Giving GooRu Story - we are making this platform a place of constant engagement between world changers like yourself!

This progressive mobile app is available without going to the App Store.  It is web-based and easy to use on your computer or any type of smart phone or tablet.  Explore the GooRu App

Giving GooRu

Subscribe for $29.97 (to receive your Thank You Box with $100 worth of products) and continue with a $14.77 monthly pledge and we will donate Green Goo to people around the globe.



When you subscribe you will receive your GooRu Thank You Box that has your essential 100% natural body care and first aid needs for the entire family as a personal thank you for joining. 

$100 worth of products for $29.97 for joining in our mission.