Dry Skin Care- Jar, Tin, or Stick
Dry Skin Care- Jar, Tin, or Stick

Dry Skin Care- Jar, Tin, or Stick

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Dry Skin Care is a whole body daily moisturizer. A high concentration of Calendula flowers plus five other actively healing herbs provide natural head-to-toe relief. 

This homeopathic herbal infusion helps to alleviate symptoms associated with chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis as well as dry red bumps, cracked hands & feet and windburn.

Suggested Uses

Cracked hands and feet, Dry face, knees, and elbows, Dry red bumps, Eczema and Psoriasis, Rashes (razor, yeast and fungal).

*Olive Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Calendula Flowers, *Chamomile Flowers, *Red Clover Flowers, *Elder Flowers,  *Yarrow flowers, *Violet flowers, *Beeswax,  Vitamin E Oil and Essential Oil of Lavender. *Organic.

"Your dry skin balm (Dry Skin Care) is a miracle ointment.  I've always had dry skin but my times living here in Idaho have been the worst. 2 years ago I moved back here from California and this winter my face broke out in the worse case of eczema ever. I tried everything short of going to a dermatologist where I knew they would just prescribe something I wouldn't want to use or take. 

Dry Skin Care

I couldn't cover it with make-up because that made it look worse and it was burning and had even spread around my eyes. It was hard to go places and I had to force myself to look people in the eyes when they spoke with me. I was explaining the ordeal to my aunt and she told me she had something that worked wonder on an eczema outbreak she had on her hand and gave me an old bottle of your Calendula Balm (Dry Skin Care). 

With in a week the redness is significantly lessened and in some places almost completely healed. I'm going out this morning and I feel more confident then I have in months. Thank you so much. I'm excited to see you are selling on Amazon and will write your product a raving review there as well!"


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