Green Goo White Insulated MIIR Tumbler-12 oz

Green Goo White Insulated MIIR Tumbler-12 oz

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Inspired by the timeless paper cup, our Tumbler is nice, simple, and fits comfortably in both your cupholder and daily routine. 

Your purchase of this bottle supports health by funding clean water projects. You can track your impact on the Miir website.

Our mission is synergistic with MiiR.  We both believe how we give is just as important as the product we make.

Miir believes that transparency in how they give allows their customers to fully understand the impact of their purchase - from Product to Project™. Since 2010, when MiiR was founded, their approach to giving has been a simple one. Regardless of their profitability as a company, they give 5% of their top-line revenue annually to different giving projects around the world focusing on water, education and bicycle projects.