Poison Ivy Care Large Tin-Lg or Sm
Poison Ivy Care Large Tin-Lg or Sm

Poison Ivy Care Large Tin-Lg or Sm

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Green Goo® Poison Ivy is our homeopathic formula that helps to soothe and relieve the pain, itching,and oozing for this allergic reaction, while naturally aiding the body’s healing abilities. Our proprietary blend is the first defense for poison ivy ,oak and sumac rashes.

Helps Relieve symptoms associated with: • Poison Oak • Poison Sumac • Poison Ivy 

•safe for you and your children
•works better than your traditional brands

*Olive Oil,  *Sunflower Oil, *Plantain,  *Chickweed,  *Grindelia Flowers, *Jewelweed, *Yarrow,  *Sage,  *Calendula,  *Chaparral,  *St. John's Wort,  *Comfrey Leaf,  Gum Benzoin, Myrrh, and *Beeswax. Essential Oils of  Lavender and Rosemary.  *Organic 

Poison Ivy Care

"I advocate Green Goo to all my friends and co-workers, and have certainly made some converts. Sunburn, bug bites, dry skin, open wounds, blisters, poison ivy… it doesn't matter what I toss at Green Goo, it still cures my ailments.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping me in good health despite the recklessness with which I treat my body.  I'll be purchasing your products as long as they're available!"~Kaylin